In Santiago

To obtain the Hostel member card you must go to any p0f our offices located in:

Hernando de Aguirre 201 of 401, Providencia.
Tel (56-2) 411 2050

Hostelling Santiago
Cienfuegos 15,1 Santiago.
Tel: (56-2) 6718532.

To be a Hostelling International member you have to present your Identity Card and pay $14.000.- (Chilean Pesos)

From Regions
Only you have to fill the Slip and to cause to arrive the money or to send us way fax the comprobante of banking deposit in our account n° 181-01219 -07 of the Bank of Chile, to name of the Asociacion Chilena de Albergues Turisticos Juveniles
1.500 Shipment Expenses


Tije Chile S.A.

Barros Borgoño 236 Of.902-B, Providencia, Santiago
Tel: (56-2) 3471850
Fax: (56-2) 2641501

Otec Viajes S.A.
Marchant Pereira 381, Providencia, Santiago
Tel: (56 2) 4217585
Fax: (56 2) 4709248

Nómade Experience
Av. Balmaceda # 469 of. 24-A,  La Serena
Tel: (56) (51) 217925 
Fax: (56) (51) 315665

Hotel Capric
Von Schroeders 39, Viña del Mar
Tel/Fax: (56) (32) 2978295

How to Reserve
You can reserve directly from Internet with credit card in Or Also you can come to the Office of HI- Chile or in the Hostelling de Santiago and fill the request of reserve certifying $4.000 for each hostel.
*We not reserves of a day are carried out for another.

Frecuently Asked Questions (FAQS)